OnLive Goes Live: Does this represent the future of gaming?

The landscape of videogames may well have changed forever. Away from disc-based media and even downloaded software, OnLive represents a huge leap forward in how gamers consume their interactive entertainment. Using streaming technology in which all processing takes place server-side (currently based in London, Luxembourg and Brussels for European players), it allows the most low-end of PC’s and tablet’s to run the very latest titles - all provided you have a decent Internet connection, of course. In reality – at least at this moment in time –the general gaming experience is fraught with irritating latency, extremely poor resolution and a dire frame-rate, even with a speedier connection than that recommended.

Despite a healthy line-up of games at launch and tantalising offers on sign-up (you can pick up your first title at just £1), OnLive is an incredible achievement and fascinating to behold, but boy is it disappointing. Here’s one for the future.

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