This week at the Broadway.

Our pick of the best films this week that you may not have heard of; but really should watch.

Troll Hunter: The title sums up the content of the film nicely.  A true homage to the creature classics of yesteryear this Nordic originating film pitches a group of documentary filmmakers in their attempt to capture on film and expose a bearskin poacher.  He turns out to be Norway's only living troll hunter, who turns out to be doing an important service to the world as the gigantic sized beasts are the true reason behind global warming.  A glorious mix between horror, adventure and mockumentary that makes for something that feels both familiar and individual.

Drive: The film noir of the bunch.  A convoluted plot and a violently beautiful atmosphere entice you into the story of reclusive Hollywood stunt driver with an almost schizophrenic streak of transforming personalities between good and bad (really bad) and a terrified young mother and her family who he helps by driving her ex-con husband's getaway car from a robbery.  It's fair to say the brutal poetry grows more elusive from here.  A fantastic piece of cinema.

The Salt of Life: A humble and comedic visual analogy of the implicit female power in situations of love and control.  Originating from Italy, Salt of Life pitches us with Gianni, a man who after escaping his mamma's control for long enough now has a wife who maintains a respectable disdain for him.  So what does a man do in this situation?  Look up some of the old girlfriends long scared off by mamma.  A beautiful exploration into a man's refusal to be an "old guy," but rather repress into his hopeless male fantasies.