Apple announces iPhone event for October 4th

What can I say except for AllthingsD told us so, so we told you so.

Apple has commenced sending out the invites for an iPhone event at Apple's Cupertino campus on October 4th.

Here's how the rumours are going at the moment: the iPhone 5 is alleged to have an 8 MP camera, 1 GB of RAM, a larger screen, an aluminium back and (in partnership with Nuance) a new assistant feature.  Beside this, Tim Cook is also expected to announce a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 to provide a lower entry price point into iOS.

Of course, the rumour about the two separate iPhones for release has been confirmed by a Phones 4 U employee, exclusively for New Rising Media.  But Apple geeks (me included) have waited 15 months for the new announcement, so we're more than happy to talk iPhone.