Editorial: Why real-time serendipity won't exist on Facebook.

The idea of unpredictable moments of euphoria through social connectivity is being "realised" through Facebook's expansion of the open graph: allowing developers the creation of extra 'verbs' in their apps to portray the audience interacting with products in more ways than merely liking them, and removing constant permissions to post activities to your wall or ticker.  This changes the substance of Facebook into an on-off formula, whereas in actual social communication with which it's trying to imitate there is an unmistakably grey area.  Example: there's some songs on Spotify I'd want to share and others I don't because I want to remove fear of embarrassment (hello Justin Timberlake).  

Serendipity emerges IRL regardless of the social curation I do to put my metaphorical best foot forward.  The fact that Facebook feels the need to keep your life "open source" just proves that the random moments of clarity and inspiration through your friends activities aren't going to work.  Nevermind the panopticon-ism of it all.