Battlefield 3 Beta impression


‘Rofl, our game pwnz yours.’

Igniting ferocious flame wars that no fan-boy could quell, EA DICE’s Battlefield 3 beta is now live. The reception has been largely flattering, with NowGamer calling Battlefield 3 on PC “visually incredible”, boasting “razor-sharp textures, slick frame rate and by far the best mo-cap in the genre”. Likewise, VG247 calls Battlefield 3 “intense” and “faultlessly immersive”, while CVG agreed the game “looks absolutely gorgeous” and “runs silky smooth”. 

As feared, rapturous applause begins to morph into stolid disappointment when looking at the 30fps reality of the console build. Game Informer has reported that, although Frostbite 2.0 makes a pronounced impact in terms of destructibility and lighting in-game, “the texture resolutions seem to be turned way down”. Despite numerous teething problems related to its beta status, Battlefield 3 certainly looks and plays the part. Has Call of Duty finally met its match? 

Source: jeffrisden