Gears of War 3 Single player review

We return to Serra one final time to follow Delta Squad and finish the extremely hyped fight. Gears of War has never been praised for its subtlety or storytelling before but Gears of War 3 marks a departure from that stigmatism. Yes the writing is laden with clichés and there are plenty of groan inducing moments yet despite this Gears still manages to tell a interesting, immersive and surprisingly, somewhat poignant story. Environments are rich and this is the first Gears game to add a splash of colour to the previously drab palette of murky greys and bloody reds. Throughout the story you travel between several beautiful locations each decidedly varied and impressive. Gameplay is even more visceral than in 2, combat feels fleshed out and satisfying, controls are even more precise and the shooting is split up with refreshing, fun chances to ride zip lines, shoot from the gun of a submarine or fire huge catapults. The level of refinement in Gears of War 3 is clear to see and completely trumps the competition. The carnage of Gears of War 3 is incredibly entertaining, the series has evolved exceedingly since the first game and the result is simply fantastic. 9