Social Good Trend-setters: Kickstarters

How have innovative start-up entrepreneurs coped in a time of extremely low lending?  For some, the answer has been sites like KickStarter. Kickstarter introduces 'a new way to fund and follow creativity,' by appealing to the general public. This is pledging funds, rather than investing money. Ultimately, this works out a lot better for pledgers and businesses alike. The creative entrepreneurs maintain ownership while also gaining promotion via this online, the pledgers get various rewards for their money. Usually the reward is the product that they've made possible. The pledged money is only used when the project reaches a set goal that makes the rewards possible and gets their business going. Rather than having to convince a bank, or a number of investors, thousands of already interested members of the public will fund the project.  It's a win-win 'social good' situation for the creative economy.

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