iPhone 5 mock-up created. All rumours used.

German tech site Giga.de has released a video today showing a mock-up of an interpretation of iPhone 5 rumours as to what the new device will look like.  

The teardrop design makes it a miniscule 6.86 mm thick at the top and only 5.33 mm at the bottom, and it’s a bit wider than iPhone 4 — 59.94 mm vs. 58.6 mm — to accommodate for the bigger, 4-inch screen.

Also, the mechanical round button on the front of the device has been changed to an oval-shaped capacitive one.  Of course all of these (and even whether the iPhone 5 will exist, besides the Phones 4 U employee scoop we found) is speculation, and this is an amazing maketing spectacle for the Giga tech site; but god damn the German accent is spoken so beautifully in the video!