Tiny Invaders hands-on review

The remnants of Bizarre Creations came together as Hogrocket, named through a rather humourous story of a home developed word generator, to develop their first game titled Tiny Invaders.  The concept is simple: infect people by helping the virus flow through veins, avoiding white blood cells and collecting orbs to return to the Mothership (pretty clearly seen in the image).  A very bare-bones idea that has the ability to be both simplistic and divulgently complex.  This was amplified by the fact that as they started to make a sweeping, eloquently worded speech about their game, I was far too involved in one of the iPad's being circulated to focus.  Stylistically dark-Nickolodeonesque with some small control niggles on particular levels; but all round addiction remains the same as that of Angry Birds. 8

Find Tiny Invaders in the app store here.