Mysterious "Apple Fixture" confirms what we all knew about iPhone 5

Another prototype taken from a bar, and Apple sign fixtures in Best Buys across U.S. from October 21st.  We all knew iPhone 5 was going to happen then.  So far, it's not tipsters using reliable mobile network sources to gain release dates, it's been deductional guesswork.  It's not been "sources within Apple" that inform us of possible specs, it's been a news-site buckling and reciting it's dream sheet of iPhone-related possibilities (hello Wall Street Journal), everybody following and the voice gaining so much volume that the implementations are actioned in the product itself.

This is, technically, the first amount of concrete proof we have behind one of these rumours...simply concretely confirming something we generally predicted anyway.

Jason England

P.S. If the "iPhone 5 being the '3GS' of the iPhone 4" rumours are true, God help us all.

Picture courtesy of Thisismynext