Ericsson cuts the USB cord. Transfer data using your body

The cable is archaic, so ways to transfer data without the use of one has been the focal point of many companies.  We bet they didn't think of what Ericsson are calling 'capacitive coupling:' using your body to transfer data. 

Ericsson's CEO Hans Vestberg demonstrated the technology by touching a smartphone, and upon touching a receiver which was connected up to a TV screen, an image taken on the phone immediately appeared.  Fully automatic, fully awesome...kind of pointless.

In a world where we now have automatic wireless syncing the moment we're withing the range of our respectively owned computers, the practicalities of capacitive coupling don't seem to match up, even in the various situational examples they list.  But you have to admit, it's one amazing gimmick, and a fascinating exploration into just what the electrical impulses in our bodies can transmit.
Source: Ericsson