Tom Hanks sci-fi web series to stream on Yahoo this spring

Tom Hanks has elected for his animated vision of a post-apocalyptic future, called 'Electric City,' to premiere on Yahoo this spring.  Extra details were revealed by the man himself via a Q&A at CES.

The series has been gestating under-the-surface for a while.  The 20 episode series that Hanks and his company 'Playtone' have been working on for years is going to comprise of 3-4 minute long captures of ambiguity within a dystopia.

The idea grew out of something Tom Hanks read about the former Soviet Union's brand of complete control over information flow to it's citizenship, and will tell the story of a set of resistance fighters.  The ambiguous angle, Hanks claims, will be that the story will not intonate a protagonist and antagonist, leaving the viewer dubious about which side to trust.

Through the lens of a functioning, yet dystopian metropolis, "Electric City" touches upon relevant global issues and themes including energy consumption, freedom of information, crime and punishment and more.

90 minutes of this production has already been made to the rather pricey (but ultimately reasonable in the grand scheme of Hanks' previous undertakings) sound of $2.5 million; but he doesn't intend to stop there, determined to explore a multitude of topics within the social conscience.  

As huge fans of Tom Hanks, we can't help but be ridiculously excited to see this, when it's premiered in Spring as Yahoo's first scripted original programming.  This will see one of our favourite people in the industry break the WW2 typecast of his creative inventions.

Press Release source: Yahoo