The iPad That Fell From Space And Lived To Tell The Tale

Like it or loathe it, like a good portion of modern consumables, Apple’s iPad is far from the most robust pieces of technology, and the day it finally gives in to the strains you impart on it is something we all fear.

Where aesthetics and ergonomics often come at the cost of shock absorption and damage proofing, it’s no wonder accessory manufacturers have enjoyed terrific growth in the wake of ever more expensive, yet ever more everyday, electronic gadgets; from smartphones, to tablets and immensely popular e-book readers. Meanwhile, companies such as Motorola have built whole marketing campaigns around the ruggedness of its phones – such as in the case of its ‘Defy’ handset which was labelled, hyperbolically perhaps, as ‘life proof’.

Few hard case manufacturers, however, can boast that its product protects valuable electronic equipment from falls of 100,000 feet (yes, that’s one hundred thousand), such is the staggering feat achieved by G-Form, inventors of what they claim to be ‘the most protective tablet casing’ available anywhere. In a consumer stress test unlike any other we've ever seen, the company attached an iPad to a weather balloon and released it to float into the outer atmosphere before the balloon pops, sending the iPad crashing to earth. Landing in the Nevada desert, the iPad was soon recovered by the team who reported no signs of damage. Amazingly, the iPad was still fully functional and continued to play the same movie. See the video below.

Source: G-Form