Cinematic Psychedelia: ads play over the top of a Scorsese film

So our interpretation of a 'trippy' moment was blown out the water not so long ago, as a set of movie goers experienced a set of advertisements playing over the closing minutes of Martin Scorsese's Hugo.

This occured happened at Regal Cinema in New York City, via technical difficulties, and as the digital projectors don't 'require' anyone to monitor them, it went on for the entirety of the final scene.  Luckily, the customers got refunded for this, and this is just a testament to the downsides of saving payroll in the face of digital technology.  But from the 'Inception' sensation of watching an advert for the 'movie night out' app while watching a movie on a night out, to hearing an orchestral soundtrack gradually crescendo to the sight of Guinea pigs breakdancing, it must have been a strange place and time to be.