Sony launches 'Dot Switch' promo

Doing a classic Apple: bringing technologies together, yet keeping vague on details.  Sony have just released a short promotional trailer about what they're called the "Dot Switch."

In the demo, the user uses his Sony Xperia phone to activate various Sony technologies as he/she walks by them, including a gramophone (we're just as confused as you on that one), a Bravia TV set, a set of confetti cannons (again, confused), and finally a device that's revealed by a robot arm removing the tray cover.  A splash screen reveals the date of February 24th, and that we can expect "New entertainment from Sony."  It all seems very dubious, and rather vague to make any safe guesses beyond the convergence of Sony's networked products seems to be through this 'Dot Switch' concept.  Any ideas what this could be?

Source: Sony Japan