Resident Evil 6 promoted via viral blog

So a rather basic looking blog titled has been growing in audience, displaying a series of inauspicious photographs, 'Blair witch' style videos, and a conspiracy theory about linked cities.  But from all the Biohazard logos dotted across different pieces of media on the blog, we can't help but detect the viral marketing capability here, possibly for the next Resident Evil.

And what's to say this isn't?  It falls nicely in line with what the habit Capcom has of engaging these kinds of campaigns, doing it before with Dead Rising 2 and Resident Evil 5.  And as reported by SlashGear, the games company are connected to the campaign, as the owner of a billboard that's been used in the campaign has confirmed them to be using it.

Details we can take from this are sparse; but also reveal some amount of detail, primarily location: graffiti appearing across multiple countries, and the pentagram-esque theory linking different cities together invoke a possible internationality.  Alongside this, one of the videos with the distressed, crying Chinese woman carries the date and time '14.00 PST and 1.19.2012' at the end. 

Maybe some kind of official announcement?  Either way, expect some clarity by that time (10pm for we Britons).