US Military planning to crowdsource military software testing via computer games

The US Department of Defense are looking to crowdsource their military software testing by developing computer games surrounding it, according to a DARPA proposal.

The implementation is going to be a steep initial cost, $32 million dollars specifically; but on the long haul, the plan (officially titled Crowd Sourced Formal Verification) is for it to dramatically reduce the cost of the software verification process.  This will be done by programming the code into widely accessible puzzles for casual gamers, as to ensure they're rigorously played and, indirectly, the military code is thoroughly tested.  DARPA claims this'll improve efficience from the current average of there being 1-5 errors per 1000 lines of code.

I don't think I'll be able to play whatever form of puzzle game emerges from this proposal without asking the simple question: what kind of deadly capacity does the code powering this colourful conundrum hold for the future of warfare?

Source: DARPA