Orangutan Outreach asks Apple for help popularising 'Apps for Apes'

Charity organisation Orangutan Outreach has invested both time and finance in its Apples for Orangs program, enriching the lives of these highly intelligent creatures with iPads.  After it's work with regular 'human' apps (giving Orangutans Skype to see and communicate, music/matching apps to play), they have turned to Apple to create a special "Apps for Apes" category in the iTunes app store.

The intention is for this (as made quite obvious by the name of the category) is for a specific section to be filled with Apps made just for 'Aping around,' specific for Orangutans in captivity, to open the charity's work efforts to the developer community for suggestions.  We can't see it happening; but the act could be one hell of a brand visibility effort, if it happens.

Being intelligent creatures, captivity breeds great boredom, which means Orangutans require much activity and stimulation.  This is where the charity began to experiment with the use of iPads amongst the apes, and saw a significant improvement in their engagement, particularly through the moving image side of things: viewing video or using video chat.  Interested and bored of your iPad?  Orangutan Outreach are also looking for "lightly used" iPads for distribution amongst zoos.

Source: Orangutan Outreach