LG's 'Optimus 3D 2' Leaked. Faster, Brighter, Thinner

Though it was a fairly decent first effort for LG, the Optimus 3D was not the success story that LG might have hoped for. Here was a glasses-free 3D smartphone in which its USP could only be witnessed in landscape mode and even then 3D content was mostly limited to 3D-enabled YouTube videos, self-recorded images and videos, and but a handful of pre-installed 3D games – the Android Marketplace remains lacking in third-dimension applications still. But that seemingly hasn’t dissuaded LG who, if this leaked image is anything to go by, is planning to release the successor to the Optimus 3D fairly soon.

Uncovered by smartphone website PocketNow, the phone is currently codenamed 'CX2' and is expected to be officially announced by the company at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month. The handset comes with a NOVA auto-stereoscopic display that will boost the brightness of the screen, while the processor is upped from a 1.0Ghz dual-core set-up to a 1.2Ghz dual-core. Other than that, there's very little change going on here: the CX2 will likely have the same dual-5MP cameras, 8Gb of storage (lacking) and display resolution. Supplementary additions such as an NFC chip – according to PocketNow's “trusted source” - will also be included for “mobile payments, device transfers and tag reading.” The quite hefty size of the device (for many a deal-breaker in the first) is also expected to be reduced – the phone is reportedly just under 12mm thin compared to the 10mm Optimus 3D.

Source: PocketNow