SOPA protesters really hate the Scottish Organic Producers Association

In what is possibly the most idiotic and hilarious mix-up we've seen in a long time, during this timeframe of the general populous expressing their opposition towards SOPA, the Scottish Organic Produers Association saw an unfathomable spike in internet traffic.  This was paired with many emails of threats and demands that they stop what they are doing.

The small Scottish food certification agency was bombarded with emails and site visitors over the last week, protesting the abuse of individuals' rights on the internet and the freedom to share content.  It is quite obvious from the website,, that doesn't give any inclination that it isn't actually an act to stop piracy, where the 'confusion' probably came from, leading to so-called 'copyfighters' leaving their hatred on the website.

Either that, or the American people really have a problem with “Strengthening the prosperity and sustainability of member’s businesses by being the champion of the development of organic food & farming in Scotland."

Source: The Register