The Upstart Website Designed To Sell On Unwanted Gifts From Broken Relationships

Relationship break-ups are never a nice thing. A list of duties following a split ranges from everything to closing down shared bank accounts to informing relatives, friends and other parties. But when it comes to disposing of unwanted gifts from past relationships, website aims to make it as smooth as possible.

It’s a ‘For Sale’ website with a difference, in which each unwanted item comes with a unique and entirely personal background story to it; from why the item was bought to where the relationship ultimately ended up. Listings stretch across the entire span of relationships; from weekend-for-two bookings to luxury hotels in locations around the world, to jewellery, cuddly toys and never-worn wedding dresses.

Website founder Annabel Acton, 28, set up the website after her own long-term relationship came to an end towards the end of December. In possession of tickets to London, artwork and jewellary from her ex, the website was born through a desire to sell it on without going down the usual selling avenues.

Sellers are requested to post both a ‘real world’ price and a discounted ‘break-up’ price upon listing an item. One item currently for sale, described as a ‘Gorgeous Lace Dress/Loser Ex Husband’ is priced at $750.00, despite the actual value posted at $1,600.00. Its story, revealed to us by seller ‘meggas03’ describes how her husband of “almost 2 years thought it was OK to have several other women on the side. Please buy this dress so I can use the money to help pay for the house he left me responsible for.” A novel idea, certainly, and besides, it certainly makes a nice change from the drab furnishings/listings of eBay. Go on, treat your girlfriend to something she’ll cherish forever more…

Source: Never Liked it Anyway