Capcom Typo Makes Its Way Onto Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS Cover

You spend millions upon millions of dollars developing a game, pump even more cash into marketing the game across the globe and pour wealth into publishing the title to reach store shelves. As far as monumental cock-ups in the history of game publication goes, accidentally spelling your own game title wrong on the spine of a retail cover is pretty high up there.

But that’s exactly what Capcom has managed to achieve with one of its biggest 3DS titles of the year, Resident Evil: Revelations. The publisher has since admitted the mistake – in which ‘Revelations’ is spelt ‘Revelaitons’ on US boxes – after a number of people who had received the game early, namely game journalists, flagged up the issue on social networks. An official statement read, “We apologise for the mistake, which will be corrected for subsequent productions of the game. We are working on a solution to provide affected customers with the correct packaging.” The publisher also confirmed that the error would appear on all first production-run copies of the game.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time Capcom has had to apologise to buyers on behalf of a publishing mis-hap – in 2008; the cover of Okami on the Wii bore the markings of a faint IGN watermark within the cover artwork, a result of the publisher photo-shopping the image from one of IGN’s images of the game.

We’re all guilty of typos from time to time. Still, that such a starkly apparent error could remain undetected until the game reached the hands of the general public seems ludicrous. To make a mistake of this magnitude once is an error, but to do it twice in the space of four years is, well, just bizarre.

Photo Credit: @DanAckerman