The First Lego Man Sent To Space

Mixing both out love of space and LEGO, Toronto-based high school students Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad have been successful in sending a lego figurine 80,000 feet above sea level, using a weather balloon.

Called (rather appropriately) the "LEGO Man in Space," the project captured stunning photos and video of the Earth from space, and was done on the shoe string budget of $400, a styrofoam box with a wide angle camera, a cellphone app with GPS, and four months worth of saturdays building it.  From what we see, it was an obviously amazing success: the balloon burst at 85,000 feet, allowing for these beautiful shots of space.

The LEGO figure is safe, and the creators tell us to expect a full making of video soon.  We can't help but find this downright inspiring and fascinating.  Kudos.

Source: Lego Man in Space