Art Deco Aerodyne PC takes us to the 1930s

As Andrew Ryan would ask, is a man not entitle to the sweat of hiw brow?  No, says those with a small fortune, as designer Jeffrey Stephenson is selling a small run of this downright beautiful art-deco case mod.

Crafted out of mahogany with aluminium accents, this makes the Steampunk era of last year look downright crass.  Each side invokes a completely unique visual style: from the streamline trains of old, to the Chrysler building, and then the side grilles looking as if they've been ripped straight from a 1930s radio.  It truly is beautiful, along with some reputable specs.


  • Intel Core i3-2105 CPU
  • Intel HD3000 Graphics
  • Crucial 256GB M4 SSD
  • 8GB Crucial DDR3 system memory
  • 150W PicoPSU
  • Microsoft Windows 8


Not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination; but function is most certainly not the primary reason to buy one of these hand crafted computers.

If we were blessed with a fortune, a mansion and a butler, the first thing we'd do is contact  -- maker of truly beautiful art-deco wooden case mods. He's produced another stunner with the Aerodyne: a fanless mahogany case with Rocketeer-style accents and a radio grille (picture after the break) we'd expect to hear Andrew Ryan barking out of. Unlike his other mods, the amazing Mr Stephenson is planning a small run of these cases for people to buy, so the only thing left to ask is -- can anyone lend us a tenner?

Source: Jeffrey Stephenson