Samsung introduces AllShare Play. Control the washing machine with your smartphone

It seems that Samsung have developed a rather healthy ecosystem of what they call "smart" devices.  With this, they've introduced the amalgamation of these different devices into one connected form: a rebranding of the original AllShare into what they've announced to be "AllShare Play" at their CES 2012 keynote.

Apparently, your smartphone can now interface with your washing machine, if you buy into the Samsung ecosystem. As part of Samsung's AllShare technology, you can control your washing machine from anywhere in your home with your smartphone.  Built upon the DLNA infrastructure of interconnectivity, details are thin on the ground as to what is connected besides the aforementioned washing machine example and the TV/smartphone combination we've all had thus far.  But this rebranding and upgrade brings cloud computing into the formula, allowing users to push content to the cloud and select stored items and get a copy manually onto select devices.

More details soon, hopefully.  We've sent our queries to Samsung.