Kindle Under Fire: German Firm Set To Release £10 eReader


Unashamedly basic features for a modern-day eReader, German firm Txtr has uncovered plans to release a £10 eReader, named the Txtr Beagle, to under-cut its rivals and capitalise on the burgeoning e-book marketplace.

Costing just pence more than your average bestseller, the device’s super-low price is the product of skimping on some extras. Notably, the device operates using 2 AAA batteries (when was the last time you had to rely on real batteries for power!?) and sports a 5-inch e-ink based screen with an 800 x 600 resolution. There is also no Wi-Fi or 3G - the device instead relies on Bluetooth and Txtr’s free App to download the latest books – while users will have to rely on real, physical buttons for interaction. Touch-screen lovers, please move along.

"This device fits easily in any pocket or handbag. Unlike other eReaders, there is no need for chargers or cables."

It won’t steal our attention away from the Kindle range anytime soon but still, the insanely low price point ought to be applauded, not least because at a mere 5mm thick and weighing only 128g (the basic Kindle comes in at 0.87cm and 170g respectively), this is the world’s lightest 5” or 6” E-ink eReader available.

Richard Birkett