We're Hiring: News Writers And Editors

Every day we are thankful to our audience of over 250,000 people for spending some of their precious time on this crazy planet we call Earth checking out the content we produce. And as these numbers grow on a daily basis, we realise that the team needs to grow alongside this. With this in mind, New Rising Media is looking to hire a load of news writers and editors from across the globe!

As of right now, we're on the look-out for smart, fast, motivated people who are enthusiastic about any one of the topics we cover:

  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Science
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Movies 

You'll be entering a crazy world.  A world where tone of voice is directly related to absolute fascination in your field (hence why we call it nerd journalism).  Actively pursuing a hybrid between conveying our position as a person who loves games/gadgets/music/films/science (delete as appropriate) that not many people have necessarily heard about, while maintaining the highest journalistic credibility.  

Simply put, you just have to be a massive nerd in your preferred subject area.

It's a fantastic place to be for anyone, from the student who is picking up the newswriting ropes, to the individual trapped in a full-time job who just wants to put anything that interests him/her in front of thousands.  And we'd love to hear from everyone who is interested in joining.

Simply fill out the contact form, letting us know in the subject line which position you want to go for (example: if you want to do news-writing about music, then use 'music news-writer' as your subject).  Give us some information about yourself, and what you love about the area you've selected.  We'll get back to you ASAP (shortly after digesting the hundreds of PR emails we receive daily), and take it from there.

Final point to make clear is one of commitment.  As our audience is mainly students, and as people ourselves who carry a day job alongside doing New Rising Media, we understand that you most certainly have many other outside responsibilities that will take precedence over writing stories.  That is something we'll discuss with you, to ensure that you're not over-working yourself and forgetting about what is most important in your situation, be it a dissertation or a project at your job that pays you.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any sort of paid work, as we still funding this website out of our back pockets.  But if anything, this has worked (and will work) to our benefit in gathering some of the most talented writers out there, who do this just for the love of it.

Press events, advanced reviews ahead of release dates, features, opinions, news, all capped off with occasional nights out for the whole team. Nobody ever said it was easy; but if you do apply and end up on this team, get ready for the ride of your life.

Jason England - Editor-in-chief