Death Grips - NO LOVE DEEP WEB Review

Well isn't this a nice surprise? Death Grips leaked their second album of the year online for free on Sunday (at midnight, no less) after their label Epic Records wouldn't set a release date until next year. As if this wasn't punk rock enough, there's the fact that the album cover is a photo of an erection. Since MC Ride's existence is essentially an affront to the established order of the universe, I'd bet that it's his.

'NO LOVE DEEP WEB' is exactly what was promised in their Pitchfork announcement: it's minimal, cold and bass heavy. An entirely different vibe to 'The Money Store', this release is bleaker and more subdued in places but still retains the schizoid ferocity you've come to expect, so much so that Ride strains his voice on the first track. There's nothing as standout as 'I've Seen Footage', 'Hacker' or 'Hustle Bones' on this album, but what it lacks in catchiness it makes up for in cohesion and sheer filth. Instead of references to Lady Gaga and sherm sticks, we have allusions to the Tor network, abandoned buildings and suicide. If 'The Money Store' was Death Grips on PCP, 'NO LOVE DEEP WEB' is them on Krokodil. 

I'd have to concur with the band when they say this captures the ethos of Death Grips more precisely than their previous efforts. However, I take issue with their assertion that it would fit into a 'rave or dance club context';  I see it as fitting into more of a gangrape or mass suicide context.  Rap music is usually synonymous with big egos, but Death Grips are all about the id. 8/10

*Album artwork expertly censored by myself

Michael Baker