Beer Can Keyboard Created Using Raspberry Pi And Arduino

Robofun Create have built a universal keyboard using 44 Staropramen beer cans as the keys, proving that potential uses for the likes of Arduino and Raspberry Pi are only limited by the creativity of those who use them...or their livers in this particular example.

While it's an easy assumption that this won't be the tool of pinnacle productivity, it's construction is rather clever, using the 44 aforementioned beer cans connected to an Arduino touch controller, which is attached to a Raspberry Pi.  

This fun piece of technology was created as part of the 2012 Webstock contest.  Attendees had the chance to win a trip to Prague by entering their email address via the keyboard.  And whatsmore, as hinted to in the standfirst, the keyboard is universally compatible with any computer.  Anyone with empty beer can pyramids (which judging by the types who read NRM, their are a fair few of you out there) now have a use for said rubbish.

The Beer Cans Keyboard Movie from Viorel Spinu on Vimeo.

Source: Robofun Create

Jason England