'Monster Roll' Short Film Pitches Sushi Chefs Against Sea Creatures

Heroic sushi chefs in epic battles against giant sea creatures.  Just your standard combination of comedy and action, with a ridiculously awesome premise to boot. Co-producers Daniel and Sarah Blank have quite literally created a beast of a short film with 'Monster Roll.'

From the outset, it's easy to identify this as a passion project modelled after many of his key influences of monster films: the douchey character that is punished rather comedically for his misunderstanding arrogance towards the protagonist, the misfit group that launch an all out assault against the kaiju-filled world.  It's all here, and makes for a fitting tribute to the likes of Ghostbusters and Big Trouble in Little China.

Throughout watching, it became clear to me that this hybrid of science fiction, fantasy and action has been long missed in popular cinema...well I've missed it, wondering why everything has gotten so serious lately!  I implore you to watch this and embrace the beginning of a renaissance of the Monster movie.

Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

Source: Monster Roll

Jason England