‘World’s Smallest Wearable Camera’ Lets Users Record Their Daily Lives


Our lives may not always be super exciting, but even so, life experiences come and go without a moments notice. Once special moments are consigned to memory, and later often forgotten completely. And this is where a new Kickstarter project comes in.

Named Memoto, this is the “world’s smallest wearable camera”, designed to take a picture every 30 seconds and automatically log and organise photos of your life using dedicated iPhone and Android applications. Having built a 3D-printed prototype of the hardware casing itself already, the team has already surpassed its funding goal of $50,000 from the crowd-funding website, and are now well on their way to $150,000 and beyond. Now working on everything from power management to the way the photos sync up to the App, they hope to have a fully-operational camera prototype by the time the project comes to an end in just over a months’ time.

Unbelievably small, the camera (a fair 5-megapixel’s) and the App work together to capture every single moment of your life with no human input required. With no buttons, as the project’s own description explains; “As you long as you wear the camera, it is constantly taking pictures.” Equipped with a GPS antenna, the camera will also assign a location to every single photo taken, which means photos can not only be organised by date and time taken, but also based on where you took them. The manufacturers also claim the camera will be completely weather-protected and will hold its charge for two days. With data requirements coming in at 4GB of data per day, Memoto supplements the 8GB of on-board storage space with ‘safe and secure’ infinite photo storage at a flat monthly fee.

The ‘Early Bird special’ priced at a pledge of $199 or more will get you one of the nifty cameras through the project’s Kickstarter page, with an expected date of delivery around February 2013. Visit Memoto’s Kickstarter page here to donate.

Richard Birkett