Super Great Toilet Keeper: The Toilet/Goalkeeper Capable Of Blocking 100mph Shots

A Japanese toilet, dubbed the Super Great Toilet Keeper, is capable of saving penalty shots as fast as 100mph.  This pure innovation is making a splash in the as-of-yet unexplored area of toilet/football (soccer) convergence.

Using two high-speed cameras (250 fps) mounted on both sides of the goal, the speed and direction are accurately calculated.  At this point, the toilet will then pivot and fire a small ball to divert the incoming shot.  It's actually a rather amazing piece of technological capability...given the context, and is proven through foiling striker Tatsuhiko "Dragon" Kubo's attempts to score a goal.

So the primary question of how this even came around to existing is one that can be easily answered.  A partnership between toilet manufacturer 'TOTO', well known for its technologically equipped loos, and sports-based lottery company 'toto' brought forward the birth of Super Great Toilet Keeper.  The two businesses elected to do this in an effort to emphasise their green initiatives.  How a goalkeeping toilet does this isn't exactly clear; but one thing is certain.  The Japanese are miles ahead in terms of technological advancements in the lavatory.

This has to be one of the more peculiar stories I get the pleasure of reporting on, and for those expecting something completely different in mind from reading about a toilet that blocks shots, then apologies are due.

Source: TOTOtoto