'Trial By Timeline' App Scans Your Facebook To Find International Crimes Committed

Amnesty International has launched a Facebook application called Trial By Timeline, which illustrates to users of the social network how their public postings and interactions could see them imprisoned, tortured, killed by extremists or even beheaded in other countries with oppressive regimes.

It's kind of scary to see the count of crimes and violent penalties rack up, much in the same vein of awareness for a campaign that Take This Lollipop was. The app scans the details of a user's entire Facebook page and determines the crimes committed in other countries through the listing of their career, sexuality, relationship status, down to liking statuses that rally against the regime.  After this is done, the likely punishments for these 'crimes' are listed, and the results are rather startling.

I have been beheaded for working in a media organization.  Go figure.

Try it out.  See the many ways in which you will be mutilated/assaulted/terminated, and the amount times of which they would occur (example: I was shot by extremists fifty six times).

Source: Trial By Timeline (app)