‘Badabing!’ App Trawls Your Facebook For Friends’ Sexy Pics

Likely to cause uproar from internet users and civil rights groups alike, a new iPhone App going by the name ‘Badabing!’ has just entered the App Store, aiming to help you find your friends’ sexiest pictures from Facebook within seconds.

Currently exclusive to iPhone but with a Web app in development – and presumably, an Android version down the line – the App’s creator Erick Barto explains how he came up with the idea “after repeatedly having to search through Facebook pics to show his friends photos of girls he met the previous night.” Costing £1.49 and supremely simple to use, the App requests you first log-in with Facebook, before then asking you to enter the names of up to five of your friends to return scantily-clad images of. Quite how accurate the results are we can’t yet tell – the App uses ‘object detection technology’ to presumably detect exposed skin? – but if its developers claims are anything to go by, then it does a fairly good job.

Once the search is complete, you can then go about bookmarking your ‘preferred’ images so that you can return to them at a moment’s notice, or even share all over again with your Facebook friends if you’re the giving type. It’s all types of creepy, for sure, and one that will be sure to rile people up the wrong way, but is it wrong? After all, every image the App returns is already posted for the world to see on the Internet, even if often hidden beneath thousands of other photos. What do you think?

Source: Badabing (App Store)

Richard Birkett