Man Invents A Pumpkin That Plays Tetris

Halloween hasn't really been on people's minds lately. That is until now, as Nathan Pryor presented his creation: a playable version of Tetris on a Pumpkin that he lovingly calls "Pumpktris."

A grid of 140 amber LEDs planted into the pumpkin's shell from the inside shine through a intricate grid of holes to present the game.  The Tetris game is then played using the pumpkin's own stem as a joystick.  The remainder of the ingredients were 256 pieces of heat-shrink tubing, 313 solder joints, and 12 hours of elbow grease.  All adding up to a novel invention, all in the spirit of the holiday. Happy Halloween indeed.

The high score is 9,800. Think you can do better?

DIY instructions via

Jason England