Red Bull Stratos LIVE. Watch The Freefall From The Edge Of Space Here

Felix Baumgartner will attempt the world's first supersonic free fall from the edge of space, and we will be showing the whole event live.

As part of the Red Bull Stratos mission, Skydiver and Base jumper Felix Baumgartner will be elevated to 120,000 feet in a specially crafted space capsule.  He'll be wearing some highly innovative spacesuit technology to maintain the same pressure at all altitudes and keep his body warm when temperatures approach -60 degrees during the free fall over Roswell, New Mexico.

The original jump was scheduled for October 9th, 65 years to the day from the world’s first supersonic flight at the hands of test pilot Chuck Yeager.  But due to strong, gusty winds it was postponed to the second window of possibly good weather of today.  "It's going to come down to what it did on Tuesday...those balloon top winds."  Meteorologist Don Day commented.

A dive has never been attempted from this height, and neither has a human reached supersonic speed without the aid of a vehicle.  The scientific implications upon the success of this dive, and our further understanding of space exploration and the exceeded limits of the human body could potentially change everything.

Take a look at the official website for the complete story behind this 'spacedive,' and watch below for the CGI mock-up of what to expect from this groundbreaking feat.  Further down you'll see a countdown: make sure you check-in for when it counts down to zero for the full dive!

Source: Red Bull Stratos

Jason England