New Rising Media Will Be At Gadget Show Live @ Christmas

Just seven months ago in our vast age of infancy, we were given a fantastic opportunity to attend and cover Gadget Show Live.  I am now pleased to announce that we will be popping along to London's own ExCel, entering the cornucopia of nerd behaviour, and covering Gadget Show Live @ Christmas.

As you may remember, we published a couple articles and a smattering of video from the previous show.  This was all fine and good for a website in the prime of its youth (and in such a short amount of time, it still scares me to see how much we've all changed from the childish personas you see).  But this time, it's different.  Through the magic of actually having a plan, we will be producing a vast amount of content for your delectation, and placing it front and centre via a button in our navigation bar, to make sure you're not far away from the action.

The ideas we're having fall into two categories: standard coverage, and 'the unknown.'  Our standard includes news stories, video coverage and photos of all the latest gadgets and technology you want to see; but in the alter ego of the expo, 'the unknown' is where things start to get interesting.  

If there is one side of the previous Gadget Show that we were clamouring to cover; but couldn't in the great misfortune of a broken jaw at the time, it's the niche.  The fantastically maniacal personalities who show off their kit, from the most insanely cool of gadgetry to the downright strange.  We'll be gathering as much as we possibly can, providing extensive coverage on this lunatic fringe of technology.

This is New Rising Media. And we cannot be anymore excited.