'Pixels For Pistols.' Guns Traded For Cameras In Canadian Anti-Violence Program

Canadian Police have introduced a rather creative anti-violence program by the name of 'Pixels for Pistols,' urging the public to trade in firearms for a camera.

Rather akin to the weapon amnesties UK police hold; but with the added bonus of teaching them to shoot perfectly composed images instead of people.  A simple yet, so far, effective concept where the public have been asked to trade in their unused firearms, safely and without being charged, for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH8 and a lesson on how to use it. 

You cannot argue that this is a positive approach to reducing gun crime, but also a massive boost on the country's image for embracing creativity within this selected media. In Toronto alone the police department have swapped almost 2,000 firearms for digital cameras. 

We can only hope this program can reach out faster to avoid gun violence, and that 'Pixels for Pistols' is a conduit for furher creative ideas for the reduction of crime.

Source: Winnipeg Police Service