Black Moth Super Rainbow - Cobra Juicy Review

Like BMSR's previous efforts this is a hazy, sedative affair which leaves you feeling like you've received an injection of pure fruit matter.

The tracks have names like 'Dreamsicle Bomb', 'Psychic Love Bomb' and 'Hairspray Heart', and I can't be sure whether this is satirical or not. BMSR are a band I enjoy in short bursts, which is especially relevant here as this album's accessibility renders it repetitive.

'Cobra Juicy' is a near perfect distillation of BMSR's core sound. Fans of the band will like it a lot, I'm sure. However, the combination of sweet, colourful synths and an omnipresent  vocoder simultaneously bores and overwhelms me. It just sounds way too sickly and indistinct. When I listen to this album I'll zone out and realize five tracks later that I still have music on. None of the tracks are bad by themselves, but as a whole this album has too little variation, despite a few short flashes of brilliance. 5/10

Michael Baker