New Skyrim DLC Revealed: Dragonborn

Xbox players of Skyrim will be receiving an early Christmas present from Bethesda: the third DLC will be coming out on the 4th of December, and it looks awesome. Sadly there is no release date yet for PC or PS3.

From the trailer, the storyline seems to be that the first ever Dragonborn has been biding their time on the island of Solstheim (which dedicated Elder Scrolls fans will remember from Morrowind's Bloodmoon expansion pack) and is now getting a little restless. We can probably safely assume that our Dragonborn has to stop them from taking over the world, or something similar.

As well as a fairly nostalgic location, the DLC looks like it will include at least three completely new creatures and many new weapons and armour. Most importantly, there is a shot in the video of the player looking incredibly cool whilst riding a dragon.

Let's be honest, the dragon riding is probably every player's nerdy wet dream. We can only hope it's not another cut-scene letdown. 

Helen Gould