Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic To Feature Just Three, 30 Min Scenes


You have to admire the ballsiness if nothing else, as screenwriter of The Social Network and The Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin has revealed his intentions to structure the much-anticipated Steve Jobs biopic on top of just three 30-minute scenes, presented in real-time, at key Apple product launches.

For a screenwriter that chose to ignore a good portion of the creative input into the creation of Facebook in The Social Network in favour of some repartee and tit-for-tat conflict between Zuckerberg, the Winklevii, Saverin et al., perhaps Sorkin’s insistence that he will not follow the same “cradle-to-grave structure” of a standard biographical film makes a good deal of sense. If Sorkin, with his ear for whip-That same “cradle-to-grave structure” will likely be reserved for the other Steve Jobs biopic, which has been filming for some months now.smart dialogue and talent to get under the skin of his characters, can capture even a sampling of the kind of drama rumoured to have erupted behind closed curtains of some of the most notable Apple announcements – and we’ve every belief he will – then we are likely in for a treat.

“All set right before three major product launches,” according to Sorkin, the launches in question will be for the original Macintosh computer (1984), the NeXT Cube (1990) and the original iPod (2001). And that means we’ll take in the very beginnings of Apple as a company, Jobs’ resignation from the company to start-up NeXT, and his grand return to Apple with the release of an MP3 player that would go on to define them for years to come.

If reports are to be believed, Sorkin also plans to end the film with the text or voice-over of the quote, “Here’s to the crazy ones” from the classic Apple ‘Think Different’ TV commercial from 1997. Fitting.

Richard Birkett