Deftones - Koi No Yokan Review

With Koi No Yokan, Deftones refine their fusion of the ethereal and the visceral that has remained consistently effective since their inception, whilst continuing to transcend the boundaries of the reductive and frankly insulting 'nu-metal' label so often applied to them. 

Whereas its predecessor Diamond Eyes was a partial revisitation to the groove-oriented style of Around the Fur, this release is more evocative of White Pony in its spacious atmospheres and invariably enthralling vocal melodies. Aside from 'Tempest', there aren't any particularly standout tracks, but that's only because the level of quality is uniformly excellent throughout. 

I love all of Deftones records, and this is no exception. Although it lacks the experimentation of Saturday Night Wrist or the pure aggression of Around the Fur and Adrenaline, this is arguably their most nuanced and polished effort to date. Koi No Yokan reveals more of itself with every listen, which is good, because I'll be listening to it for a while. 

Lyrics: 7

Sound: 9

Creativity: 8

Tilt: 9

Overall: 9/10

Michael Baker