'The Carp And The Seagull.' A Haunting Interactive Short Film

Designer Evan Boehm has launched the interactive film The Carp and the Seagullan innovative Web-GL-Driven video that has been described "an experiment in space and user-driven narrative".  This haunting, folktale-inspired journey between two overlapping worlds is told by rotating the scene, to reveal new insights and perspectives.

The story centres around village fisherman Masato and his battle across the spirit and real world with a Japanese snow ghost, known as the Yuki-Onna.  One perspective will show a man in his boat, watching the snow fall as he fishes.  But the eerie alternate reality shows a world swarmed by monsters and psychadelic shapes.  It's a surprisingly effective storytelling mechanic.

The experimental nature of the technology behind this rotating diorama makes for a perfect expression of the tension between what may seem like a standard scenario on the surface; but be viewed differently by the character.  Extra investment is recommended, as more layers and depth to the intricate story are revealed through multiple views.

Source: The Carp and The Seagull

Jason England