Apple Posts Apology To Samsung In UK Newspapers

Apple has published apology ads to Samsung in several UK newspapers, acknowledging that the iPad does not infringe upon the range of Galaxy Tab devices.  This follows the recently failed appeal in the courts, and the "incorrect" statement that was posted online.

Taking a different approach to the first statement posted on Apple's website (summed up: The Judge said Samsung didn't infringe; but we know better), this is a rather dry piece of copy that validates the decision that the Samsung Galaxy Tabs didn't infringe upon the iPad, along with links to copies of the courts' Judgements.

We have identified the advertisement has appeared on page four of The Daily Mail and The Guardian. Of course, these are two of many publications which the ruling has ordered Apple to post in, with a font no smaller than Arial 14 and before page six.  No sign of an online update on Apple's website yet though.

Jason England