Brain-Controlled Helicopter Takes Flight On Kickstarter


The Puzzlebox Orbit, a flying helicopter orb guided by brainwaves, has successfully exceeded its target funding on Kickstarter.  

Brainwave data is transmitted via a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset to software running on either the pyramid-shaped base (called the Puzzlebox Pyramid) for the helicopter, or a tablet/smartphone.  Through this, your thoughts are turned into flight commands and your spherical helicopter takes to the skies.

With this, users can select an action for the helicopter, such as flying across the room or hovering, all picked up when the EEG headset detects a particular mental state.  Alongside this, Puzzlebox are keen to promote the educational value of their product.  They will release guides and software for users to rebuild & modify their helicopter, and publish lessons on how how mind-controlled devices work.

The Puzzlebox Pyramid is where things get interesting.  It is the 'home base' for said helicopter, and also a programmable micro-controller, compatible with popular Arduino boards.  Multi-coloured LED lights on the front visually represent the user's current concentration/relaxation on the task at hand (which can also be customised).  The use of IR completes the package, and opens up the opportunity for people to re-adapt its purpose with new software implementations.  Possibilities are, quite literally, as far as your mind will take you.  With this, it is possible to create a brain-controlled TV: the last bastion of human laziness. 

Their ultimate goal is to create an open source approach to the Brain-Computer Interface, bringing the advancements in this space to the consumer.  And with it achieving well over twice the requested funding on Kickstarter ($10,000 target, with $24,956 pledged at time of writing), it's fair to say many of us want the same too.  Either that, or an insanely cool toy for Christmas.

Source: Puzzlebox Orbit (Kickstarter)