UK Government Official Job Site Advertises Fake 007 Position

Would you like the life of Bond?  The British Secret Intelligence Service posted a job opening online for a "Target Elimination Specialist," with the job code "007."  Unfortunately, this was fake, and taken down rapidly after being published; but made for a rather humourous slip-up regardless.

The job description summed up the murderous debonair lifestyle of Bond: "From time to time the UK government has a need to remove people whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order."  The perks are also quite wonderful, offering the lucky candidate an array of passports, watches, a Walther PPK, jet packs, and even mini-submarines!

Beyond this, the rather troubling aspect of this is it was posted on directgov, the British public's one-stop shop on all government services, without any sort of acknowledgement or restraint on this clearly fictitious ad.  With criticism of this website for costing too much to the tax payer and having many basic errors, we can imagine this adding fuel to the fire, especially as they registered under

Jason England