'1 Second Everyday' App Builds Movie Using The Rest Of Your Life

New iPhone app 1 Second Everyday gives the capability of making a movie that includes one second of every day for the rest of your life.  Through the simple interface, users can save a chronological combination of short clips to form an interesting new take on the video diary.

The project initially took shape when the Founder, Cesar Kuriyama, gave a TED talk about it earlier this year.  He began compiling snippets of footage from everyday, starting on his 30th birthday in February 2011.  He discussed just how much of a story can be constructed with just a single second of footage, jogging the person's memory to think of the whole situation.  

It had a profoundly positive impact on his life and, with this in mind, he has bought that same experience over to consumers in the form of this app.  Developed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Alchemy50, a simple calendar interface is filled with footage by the user, chosen from either their camera roll or taken directly in the app, making for an easy and highly engaging experience.  Reminders can be set for you to film each day, multiple timelines can be recorded, all of your projects are saved to iCloud and social sharing options are available, but thankfully optional.

Out of this surprisingly simple idea comes an altogether more important use: that of self reflection and re-evaluation.  Giving yourself a clearer look back on your day-to-day decisions, your routines and sudden breakaways from the norm makes for a unique perspective on life, whether it be the past month in 30 seconds or a year in 6 minutes.

As the project has already achieved 25% of it's funding (over $5,000 at the time of writing), we look forward to seeing this in the app store soon!  When asked about an Android version, Cesar said it was his "#1 priority," so don't feel left out just yet.

Source: Kickstarter