#1ReasonWhy: Women Expose Sexism In The Video Game Industry On Twitter

Female video game fans, writers and professionals have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on gender discrimination, online sexual harassment and inequality in the gaming world.  It started over 24 hours ago, in response to Twitter user @Burning_Luke asking, "Why aren't there more female game creators?"  

Many harrowing tales of misogyny can be read, including workplace harassment, being groped at conferences and the oversexualisation of females in video games.  “Creating appropriately dressed female characters is viewed as a rarity, rather than the norm,” tweeted Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett.  “You shouldn’t have to be this brave to just go to work when your job doesn’t involve violence, weapons or risk,” added Leena van Deventer, the video game correspondent for Tech Talk Radio.

We've put a few more examples below of what has been said, adding towards the several examples of perceived sexism that have shook the industry this year.  Some of the worst in online gaming are presented on fatuglyorslutty.com.  This hashtag brought many of these issue to the forefront of public Twitter discussion, bringing people out of the metaphorical woodwork of the gaming world.

Jason England