'Box' Photography Project. Dark, Twisted Dioramas On Miniature Cardboard Sets

Never before has the murder of Santa Claus looked so visually beautiful, as Belgian collective 354 Photographers demonstrate in their ongoing project Box

This 3-year-old photography project utilises cardboard and miniature furniture to construct these dramatically bizarre dioramas.  The attraction is unfounded, and you cannot really explain why you're drawn in; but they're fantastic.

Each of these were built in 2-3 days, in which the camera is not moved from a single location to ensure the right angle and depth is used.  The cardboard scenery is constructed and captured, with the lighting perfected.  After this, they photograph the human subjects and Photoshop them into the setting.  It's a strangely dark, visually uncomfortable 'doll house' effect that you cannot help but stare at.  

The people look rather subdued in these pictures, adding an extra layer of dimension and definition through the stark contrast between what is happening in the scene and their reaction.  Almost as if they've let fate take its course, especially identifiable with the woman having a cigarette, looking on at a car which has crashed into her kitchen.

It's almost depressing in a funny kind of way, walking the tight-rope between tragedy and humour.  Brilliantly executed with extremely intricate settings.


Jason England