Robots Terrorise LA In Found Footage Teaser '2088'


Having proven his worth in visual effects on the likes of The Matrix Reloaded and The Polar Express, Steven Ilous of VFX house SMI Entertainment is now set to cause a stir in Hollywood all of his own. He's behind 'found footage' teaser trailer 2088, a proof-of-concept piece for a science-fiction film set in the futuristic, gritty, neon-trimmed streets of Los Angeles.

On patrol with the LAPD's 'Non Human Crimes Division', the teaser sees a group of cops wiped out by a giant, bad-ass looking robot, most definitely not of the friendly kind. SMI's official website sheds a bit more light on the project, indicating “2088 is a product of emerging technologies and their power to transform and showcase new narrative storytelling practices,” and describes the mission behind the movie as; “To produce, direct and write a transmedia sci-fi/drama property that will entice audiences from all around the world, allowing people to experience this story through multi-platform touch points.”

There's really little more to go on here unfortunately, the 70 seconds of the clip and the project's page giving us but a brief, yet tantalising glimpse of the action just waiting to be mined from Ilous' full-length 2088 screenplay, which when seen side-by-side with the aforementioned trailer, will serve as a one-two pitch punch to studios over the next few months. It has huge potential for sure, with a visual style reminiscent of Blade Runner and likely enough monstrous mechanical anti-heroes to give Michael Bay a run for his money. We're keeping an eye on this one.

Check out 2088's Facebook page for updates.

Richard Birkett